Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Beautiful Sight

Sunday, while the Hubs was at home tending to Sweet pea,  he did laundry.  I'm not talking a load or two.  I'm talking every last bit of laundry that was in the house.  When I thanked him for it he said "well, it was in your list" (check out the answer to # 4).  He said, "I couldn't do anything about the other two, we don't have 10 mil. and the house being spotlessly clean is not gonna happen til the kids move out."  Ahhh!  *Swoon*.  He's hunky, he reads my blog, and he does laundry! *Swoon*  I don't deserve him!
I can see the bottom of every hamper in the house.  I haven't seen that in months!! (I've done laundry, I just haven't had it all done at once in months).  Oh it's a glorious, beautiful, wonderful sight!

Have I told you what a fantastic Hubs I have?!  He's fabulous!!!

Have a great day!
Ms. T 

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