Monday, May 13, 2013


Yesterday morning was absolutely nuts.  When Sweet pea woke up she had a fever so instead of going to church the Hubs stayed home with her.  Firecracker and I went to church like normal.

Upon walking into the church Firecracker announces he has to go to the bathroom.  However, he also begged not to go into the "girl" bathroom.  He said, "I not a girl, Mom".  He has been pretty good about going to the bathroom by himself so I agreed. 

Firecracker had only been in the bathroom a few minutes and I heard him yell, "Mommy!  I got pee on my underwear!" After recruiting a friend to stand outside the bathroom,  I ran to the van to get his extra clothes (thank God I had the back pack with extra clothes!).  I ended up having to change not only his underwear, but also his pants. (His pants only had a little pee, but it was enough to make him uncomfortable.) 

All I had for him was basketball shorts.  So he marched into Sunday school in a button up shirt, basketball shorts, black dress socks and black dress shoes.  Normally I would have been slightly embarrassed, but would have gone about my day.  However, yesterday the kids were going to play the bells in front of the whole church!  I couldn't let Firecracker get up on stage in front of hundreds of people dressed like that.

I laid his pants out in his Sunday school room, his teacher is super understanding, and a long time friend.  Anywho, so I went to my Sunday school class intending to come back after it was done and change Firecracker's pants.  I came back after Sunday school and was informed that the kids had already gone into the auditorium!  

I snatched up Firecracker's pants and ran to the auditorium.  I came in and the woman in charge of the kids said, "you'd better change him fast, because they're going on stage in a few minutes."  I grabbed Firecracker, went into a vacated hallway and changed his pants as quickly as possible.  

As Firecracker and I hurried back into the auditorium, the kids were going on stage.  He joined them and I sat down and video tapped the performance.  All while trying to catch my breath.  

All in all it was a great Mother's day, even if it started out a little nutty ;).

Hope you all have a great day! 
Ms. T       

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