Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today I must honor a wonderful, kind, caring, generous man.  That man is my Daddy.  It is his Birthday today!  In my family we have this tradition of singing the happy birthday song to a person as many years as they are old.  For instance, if a person is 5 they get the song 5 times.  Not necessarily in a row, just in random spots throughout the day.  It is a great tradition when you're 7.  It's ok when you're 17, but once you pass 20 we start making the songs count as multiples, because otherwise it can get down right obnoxious (especially if you have 5 people trying to sing it to you 20 times each through the day.... it gets a little bit old ;).  

So in honor of not annoying my Daddy on his special day (he really hates it when we sing to him as many times as he is old... probably because at this point we have to sing to him morning, noon and night! hahaha!  Whoops, I probably shouldn't be maligning him on his birthday.... Shhh it's a secret between you and me ok? ;), I am going to make this post part of the birthday song count! Happy Birthday to my fabulous Daddy! 

I love you Daddy!!!! I hope you have a fantastic Birthday!!!

Ms. T

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