Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Phone Calls

The people in my family are notorious for not answering their phones.  I am no exception to this rule.  It doesn't stop those of us calling the other from berating the one not answering.  A phone call usually goes like this:

*Dials family member
* Goes to voicemail
*Hang up (because you know they won't listen to it, so you might as well save your breath)

"For crying out loud, ______!!!  Answer your phone!!!  Why don't you keep it closer to you?  Did you forget to turn the ringer back on after church?  Why do you bother paying a cell phone bill if you're not going to bother to answer your phone?!"

*Wait a few minutes and try again

In all fairness we don't usually say all of those lines, it's usually only one or two of those lines and then we're done.  Now, if we've called more than once and they still haven't answered, most likely we will hurl all of these lines off in one long diatribe!  And, whenever the other person does answer the phone we let them know about it. 
However, we cannot be too self righteous, because throwing stones when you live in a glass house is very dangerous. 

Before I get berated by my family for any inaccuracies, I must say that my 2 brothers and my Hubs are not included in this.  Oh sure, they do the ribbing, but they almost always answer their phones.  So they are allowed to get by with a little more verbal abuse than others ;). The rest of us live under the bus they throw us under.... No point in getting out, because we'll just end up being thrown back under there the next time we miss a call. 

This phone call-itis apparently is catching.  It is not relegated to only blood family members.  It's like as soon as you become a family member you automatically stop answering phone calls.  Or maybe it's that your brain chooses to ignore the sound of the phone ringing?  I really don't know, but there is something...

 Have a great day!
Ms. T  

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