Friday, August 1, 2014


Love has become something our society takes lightly.  We hear people say things like, "I fell so deeply in love with them."  Or, "one day we woke up and realized we had fallen out of love."  I have heard these so often and just dismissed them as most everyone does anymore.  But when you take a moment to stop and really think about it, it's a load of CRAP!

People, Love is not a feeling.  Sure, when you start a new relationship you get all gooey inside when he says you look pretty, or he holds your hand, or having your first kiss (I have to speak from a girl's perspective here, because I'm a girl and I have NO IDEA what goes on in a guy's head).  That stuff is fun and incredible and makes our girlie, little hearts go pitter pat.  However, that is not love.  That my darlings, is infatuation.  Infatuation does go away.  Those feelings become more dulled, because they are normal and comfortable.  If you're lucky those feelings develop into something so sweet and precious you can't help but want to hold on with everything you have. 

Love is being there when your husband (again speaking from the girl's perspective, because it's really the only one I can give) is puking at 3 am and trying to help him, while he lays on the bathroom floor telling you to leave him alone and let him die. (Not over dramatic at all...... ;)  Love is keeping your mouth shut when you really, really, really want to tell him he's doing something wrong. 

Love is being kind when your husband is grouchy. (Honestly, I think I get more grouchy than he does, so in this case he loves me waaaayyyyy more ;) It is embodied when you know your husband is hurting in some way and you know you can't fix it, all you can do is hug him and hold him and tell him that you love him.  

These things take WORK.  Love is not a feeling that you fall into and fall out of.  Love is a choice!  You choose to be kind, sweet, hold your tongue, not being annoyed because your husband didn't do something the minute you asked him to (he's not your kid, he doesn't have to "obey" right away...). I'm not gonna lie, there will be days when you wanna strangle your husband or your kids or whomever.  It happens, but even on those days choose to love them.  You don't have to trip over yourself to make grand gestures to them just love them any way you know how. (No, you can't love someone with throwing a chair at their face or anything like that ;)

Today choose to love those around you.  Don't give up when it gets rough, because guess what?  Life gets hard!

Have a great day!
Ms. T

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