Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Worst Aunt Ever

Last night was too eventful in a bad way.  Around 6:30 my pregnant SIL, Mrs. Pickles, called and asked if we could watch her kids while she and my brother went to the E.R. .  Mrs. Pickles had been stung by a scorpion and the midwife had told her to go into the E.R. and have them look at it just to be safe.

It was ironic, because earlier in the day I had told Mrs. Pickles that I wanted to have my niece, Princess, and nephew, Tank, over for a sleep over before school started back.  Now, these were not the circumstances I wished for, but it was time for a sleep over! 

I met them at the hospital and picked up Princess and Tank.  The kids played for awhile and then I told them to pick up the toys for bed time.  I was in my room when I heard a loud thud.  Never a good thing coming from a room filled with children.  Then I heard a blood curdling scream.  Mind you I was already running down to Firecracker's room to see what the problem was.  When I got into the room Tank's head was bleeding A LOT!  He was on the top bunk, one of the kids turned the ceiling fan on and one of the blades caught him.  And the World's Worst Aunt Award goes to.... Ms. T!!  Thank you, thank you, I'd like to thank all the little people that get injured around me for the chance to receive this embarrassing award. (please read this with extreme sarcasm)

Another bit of irony for you, Mrs. Pickles texted me that they were leaving the hospital just as I was about to call her.  20 minutes later Tank was calm and watching The Incredibles on the Hub's phone while Mr. and Mrs. Pickles got the kid's stuff together and got ready to leave.  By the time they were ready to leave Tank said, "I'm not bleeding does that me we can sleep here?"  HA!  Talk about resilient!  I promised Tank that we would have a sleep over soon.

At least the fact that Tank still wanted to stay at my house proves he still loves me.... Or maybe he just loves the Hubs, Firecracker and Sweet pea...

Have a great day!
Ms. T  

P.s. The Hubs has removed all the blades off the ceiling fan in Firecracker's room to prevent this from happening again.  So pretty much it's just a really ugly light fixture, but no one should end up with a head wound again!  That's a big ol' plus!! 

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