Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Bath Tub

The bath tub is a magical place.  The kids LOVE to take baths.  However, I'm not excited to deal with 30 minutes of bath time right before bed.  By the time it's 30 minutes til bed time I'm more than ready to get the kids showered and into bed.

The solution?  Bath time in the morning.  I know they are not squeaky clean at night time right before they get into their beds, however, they are happy because they get nice looooonnng bath times and I get close to an hour (each kid gets around 30 minutes of tub time, including the actual washing of themselves) of no fighting.  

"No fighting?  Ms. T, how do you manage that?" You may ask.  Well, if you think about it, there can be only 1 child in the tub at a time.  Therefore, one is bathing and playing and having a grand ol' time, while the other is playing with toys and such all by themselves.  Voila!  No fighting!!!  

At this point in the summer, the kids are sick of each other.  They are fine if we are busy going somewhere, or they are doing a craft.  However, it's just not feasible to be able to go somewhere every single day.  And there are some days I just plain don't want to deal with a craft or some other activity that I have to set up, over see and clean up.  I know I'm a terrible mother.  

Anyway, every once in a while a nice bath day is just what we all need!  =)

Have a great day!
Ms. T  


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