Monday, July 28, 2014


Firecracker has been begging to go to Legoland since his friend, O, 
 went for his birthday about 2 years ago.  Finally, last week My Mama and I took him.  Well, actually we took Firecracker, Sweet pea, Princess and Tank.  Oh the fun they had!

They got to visit the land of Chima, which I'm still not entirely sure what that is.  Obviously it's some kind of Lego thing, but since Firecracker isn't THAT into Legos yet I am happily out of the loop on that one.  They got to ride a real roller coaster.  They got to play in a splash park, and drive real(ish) cars and boats!  

The 4 kids had a fantastic time.  My Mama and I had fun watching them have so much fun.  The not great part was the heat.  Man was it hot.

Here are some pictures of our fun day:
One of the best parts was that most rides had a little area like this for the kids to play in while the adults waited in line for the ride.  The kids were MUCH happier playing for 20 minutes than standing in line for 20 minutes!

 Good times!

Have a great day!
Ms. T

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