Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Who Can You Trust?

Lately, there have been several occurrences in people's lives that we know that have the Hubs and I constantly asking, "who can we trust?"  We consider our children to be our special gifts from God and we want to protect them from everything harmful.  

Honestly, I knew this world was a screwed up place, but nothing has truly made me frightened of this as much as parenting has.  In the last 2 months or so, the Hubs and I have had 2 different people tell us about sexual abuse that happened to them as a child.  These were repeated offenses where the adult involved was considered a trusted figure.  

When I hear something like that my mind goes through multiple questions: 
How?!  How can an adult look at a little child and do something like that?! 
Those questions are important, but then these, more pertinent questions come to mind:
How do I know who I can trust my babies with?
How can I keep this kind of thing from happening to my child?

The Hubs and I talk to Firecracker CONSTANTLY about inappropriate touching from others and where it is or is not ok to touch people or be touched.  We also explain that if ANYONE touches him he needs to tell us right away.  We also tell Firecracker that if he tells us he will not ever get in trouble.  Only the person that was naughty will get in trouble.

Despite these talks I still feel that my children are so susceptible.  I pray over them daily that God will protect them.  However, I hear things like these from people I KNOW and I want to shut myself, the Hubs and my kids up in the house and lock all the doors and never let anyone else near them. 

Sorry to get all serious on you today, this was on my mind and you guys are such great listeners ;).

Have a great day!
Ms. T 

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