Tuesday, November 26, 2013


You know how you tell your children the same thing over and over and over again until you feel like you might as well make a recording of yourself, because you say it so much?  Well, my friends, I must say that it does eventually pay off!

The Hubs took Firecracker to the store with him the other day.  Firecracker knows that 90% of the stores we go to have bakeries that offer free cookies to children.  Trust me, he knows which one we're going into and whether or not he'll get the sweet treat while we're in there.  Anyway, the store Hubs and Firecracker went into had one of those bakeries that hands out a free cookie to the kiddies. 

Of course they went to the bakery and the Firecracker made his Mamma (and Daddy) proud! The cookie lady came over and Firecracker said, "please, cookie".  She was stunned (apparently kids don't usually ask nicely especially unprompted) as was the Hubs.  The cookie lady handed him the cookie and then Firecracker said, "thank".  Oh My Lanta!  Could it be that all the repetition is paying off?  Could it be that Firecracker is actually absorbing some of those manners that we're trying so desperately to drill into teach him?  

The end of the story is that the cookie lady was so impressed with Firecracker's manners that she gave him 2 cookies!  Trust me he was thrilled with this.  And Firecracker made his Mamma and Daddy so super proud.  Gotta love the little glimmers of hope that shine through =).

Hope you have a great day!

Ms. T  

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  1. Woohoo!! Gram is so proud of her Firecracker!!! You go, Boy!