Wednesday, November 27, 2013


My little Firecracker loves his popcorn.  He gets so excited when you tell him he can have some.  He will jump up and down, then run into the kitchen, fling open the pantry door and grab the box of popcorn. Mind you Firecracker does all of this while yelling, "POPCORN, YAY, POPCORN!"

He knows how to help put it in the microwave.  Firecracker is so smart, but he's not quite tall enough to do it all by himself yet.  After it's in the microwave, he goes around the house telling any one that will listen that he's about to have popcorn, just in case you  didn't hear him yelling about it 45 seconds earlier.  It's all quite the production. 

You may be wondering, "if he's that excited about it before he gets it what does he do when he actually gets it?"  Good question!  Firecracker actually gets very still and quiet, only because he's intently eating his popcorn.

I get a kick out of Firecracker's immense love for popcorn.  Sometimes I offer it to him just to see the fireworks that accompany it.  =)

Hope your day is as good as popcorn! =)

Ms. T

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