Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I am a weirdo.  I have never denied this fact in my life.  And for some reason I want to share with you a few of the things that make me a weirdo.  If you're a fellow weirdo, I'm glad to have your company =).

1.  I love the click, clicky sound the vacuum makes when it picks up stuff off the carpet.  It's close to Heaven.

2.  Bleach is an awesome thing.  I enjoy it thoroughly.  I love the smell it gives off.  It makes me KNOW that my house is clean.

3.  If I have a snack and I don't want the kids to beg for it I hide.  (I know I'm a bad mom.  So stop judging! =)

4.  I watch reruns of Gilmore Girls incessantly.  When the Hubs and I got married he'd never seen a single episode.  Now, he knows them all.  Has his favorites (and those he can't stand: Kirk and Taylor being the 2 biggest offenders), and most of the time knows the gist of whats happening when I tell him which episode I'm watching.  I know it's a sickness.  And the thing is, he doesn't even care for the show.  Poor guy.  He's very seldom subjected to it anymore.  Now we watch more shows like Mickey Mouse and Cat in the Hat then we do grown up shows.

5.  I love Veggie Tales and sometimes sing along with the songs I know.  (P.s. I did this before I had children to blame it on...)

6.  I obsess about things sometimes.  Weird stuff, like if my shoes look right (as an example).  To the point where I can think of nothing else til I get home.

Now that you're all on information over load about my weirdo-ness.  I will conclude this and allow you to rest your brains. =)

Hope you all have a great day!
Ms. T


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