Thursday, October 18, 2012

5 Question Friday

Yippee!  Friday is here!!  This weekend is going to be awesome!  The kids, my sister in law, Mrs. big guy, and my nephews and I are going to the park today.  Then later Ms. L’s Mama is going to help me make a pillowy thing for the car for Firecracker (I’ll post pics later).  Then tomorrow I am going to a baby shower for O’s mama =).  And to top it all off we have church on Sunday.  It’s going to be a fun, but busy weekend. 
     Alright so on with the fun.  Once again thanks to Mama M. my for letting us link up!
1. Where do you hide junk when people come over?
     Anywhere they can’t see.  Seriously, if I don’t have time to put things away properly I will stash things in my bed room, or in closets.  Anyplace a normal person isn’t going to look.  If you come over and want to inspect my closets then, honey, I don’t care what you say, you’re not normal.  Unless you want to buy my house in that case you’re normal. =)

2. Do political ads help you decide who you are going to vote for?

     Not even a little bit.  I find these ads are so ridiculous.  The things I look to when I’m deciding who I’m going to vote for are things like: 1. Honesty.  In their previous offices did they vote the way they are saying they’re going to vote if they get into _______.  2.  Integrity.  Are they willing to stand up for something they believe in even if it isn’t popular?  And that’s pretty much it.  So seriously, someone tell the candidates to stop mass mailing my house!  Save some stinkin’ trees peeps cuz I already know who I’m voting for.

3. What's your favorite holiday party to host?

     Ummm if you’ve been reading this blog long at all you know I suffer from anxiety.  So my answer to this question would be never.  I’m not a “hostessey” type person, because the whole month before the party I’m freaking out because I know people are going to be coming to my house just to inspect it and look in my closets (yes, I know plenty of people that aren’t normal ;).  And while I know rationally they are coming to enjoy time with friends and family and not really to rate my cleaning abilities on a scale from 1 to 10 I still freak.  Oh and then for the week after the party I obsess over everything that was dirty that I missed, or that so and so looked a little too closely at the door to my messiest closet and I KNOW they had x-ray vision and were totally judging me.  Yep, folks, I’m just that messed up.

4. You go to an island with your husband and can only take one personal item. What is it?

     This question really doesn’t have enough detail for me.  Is this island a deserted island or one of those swanky resort islands?  If it’s a deserted island I’d take a pillow with me.  Because for real who can sleep flat without waking up with a neck ache?!  If it’s a resort island I’d go with my purse.  Because I have to have something to smuggle all those little shampoo bottles, and little bars of soap out in! hahahaha!!! J/k ya’ll I don’t really do that.  But for real, the purse would have to come, because I think I was a girl scout in another life.  I have so much junk in there I’m pretty sure I could live in the woods for months with that sucker and do pretty well.  Hmmm…. Maybe I should rethink the deserted island option and just try to jam a pillow in my purse?

5. If you found out your spouse was a Dexter style serial killer (only kills people to save others) would you rat?
     How is my spouse saving others?  Because I’ve never watched this show so it’s a mystery to me.  Anywho, I’ll answer this the best I can.  Probably not.  I mean if he’s making up weirdo excuses like, “oh I killed that guy, because he was going to make incorrect change for that lady on purpose!”  Then yeah, I’m gonna report it, because who knows next he might be after me, because I’m not gonna save him the last twix bar (and by the way, that’s real life yo.).  But if he’s saving others like killing a scumbag that is beating his wife and children so severely they are on death’s doorstep then heck no, I’m not gonna report him. 
I hope you all have a great day!
Ms. T

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  1. Hi! I found your blog through the 5QF linkup and I'm your newest follower :)

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  2. I like those answers :) Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Joy =). I hope your weekend was great too!

  3. I guess I took the questions at face value. I never think to look for deeper meanings.

    1. I read something into everything. It's just my personality. I probably should have just taken them at face value too! Thanks for visiting and commenting =).