Monday, September 26, 2011

NEVER wake a sleeping baby.

I've always heard the rule "NEVER wake a sleeping baby".  I try and abide by this rule, because at least in my life it seems to be true that if you wake a sleeping munch they aren't happy and they let you know it. 

Well, apparently Firecracker has never learned this rule.  My Firecracker has decided that it is his mission in life to keep Sweet Pea from ever napping.  She falls asleep and he runs to her and starts saying, "HI! HI!" until she awakens.  When I tell him to leave her alone and let her sleep Firecracker just looks at me and says, "but Mom, I talk".  Meaning "but Mom, I'm just talking to her".  

Ahhh, the logic of my Firecracker is hard to argue with...... Gotta love the little buger ;)

Have a great day everyone,

Ms. T

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