Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The "Crafts" Challenged

Hello, My name is Ms. T and I am "Crafts Challenged". 

(The group)- "Hi, Ms. T"

Me- I see things that are so super cute and I think to myself, "I bet I could make that no problem!  A little sewing/ hot gluing and bada bing it'll be fabulous.  Not to mention I'll save myself that 20.00.  Won't the Hubs be so proud of me?  He'll love that I saved money anyway. =)"

That, my friends, is almost always the thought process.  I spend a week or so studying whatever the project may be online psyching myself up and convincing myself I can do it.  Then I try my hand at making the project............ Let's just say 9 times out of 10 I end up FAILING. 

After the epic fail, I usually reassess how badly I want said item.  If it's badly enough I pinch my pennies until I can afford to go and buy it.  And then I remind myself that I'm challenged at arts and crafts and to leave that stuff to those who can actually pull them off. 

So to the rest of you "craft challenged" out there.  I feel your pain!  And to those of you who can do that stuff.  Good for you and I'm sure I'll be stopping by to give you my 20.00..... eventually.  =)

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