Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Blog is Born

My name is Ms. T.  My best friend, Ms. L, and I were talking one day about how much fun blogging would be.  We discussed it for quite sometime and casually put it off as a "yeah, we should do that" thing.  The idea has grown on us both and so We're pleased to bring you our new blog!  Welcome!  Take off your shoes, grab yourself something to snack on and make yourself at home! 

While you're making yourself comfy allow me to tell you a little bit about Ms. L and I.  See it all started once upon a time (this is how you start all stories that have princesses in them just in case you were wondering ;) there were two enchanting young women.  These two young women met at college through Ms. T's older, funny, oddball brother (he's a whole post all by himself, but put short and sweet he's never met anyone he couldn't be best friends with...).  Ms. T and Ms. L became fast friends and soon had many hair brained schemes.  And our last semester at that college we even roomed together.  We have been cohorts in crime ever since!  Ms. L even married one of Ms. T's "brothers" (not blood, but with as often as he slept and ate at my house growing up he was considered part of the family. ).  Our lives have intertwined on many journeys and I'm so glad that our story isn't through.  I value Ms. L's friendship so dearly!  She is creative, strong-willed and full of spunk, just to name a few.  We have been best friends, curfew breakers, travel companions, sisters and more in the past and now to our list we get to add blog partners!  We're  excited to start on this adventure and thank you for joining us on our new journey. 

Ms. T

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