Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Grateful for the cranky and disobedient days....

I have 2 children.  One is two and a half and the other is 4 months old.  I love them so much, but there are days when they are so super cranky, or disobedient or both that I would sell them to the highest bidder.  Today was one of those days, UNTIL I got onto face book.  I was perusing the new set up and thinking about how my status update would be some kind of complaint about how I didn't like it or what not.  When I came across a status of one of my friends from high school.  She simply posted that her 5 month old baby had passed away the day before.  It rocked my world.  All the sudden my little life where all I wanted to do was complain about the new changes on face book and how my children were behaving was turned upside down.  All I could do was stare at my 4 month old and cry.  How dare I complain that she isn't feeling well and therefore a bit grumpy today.  At least I get to hold her and talk to her and enjoy her.  And then I had to readjust my attitude about my 2 and a half year old.  Even when he's running when he shouldn't be and throwing things in the house what does it matter?  I get to cuddle him and listen to him tell me he "lubs" me.  My heart aches for my friend.  She'll never get to hear her little boy say he "lubs" her.  Or anything else.  And so I encourage you too today.  Look at your children, look deep into their little eyes and remember this world would be a much less enjoyable place without their smiling faces.  Even on their cranky and disobedient days.

Ms. T

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