Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Fam...

Ok, So I've hinted around about my family, but it's time to truly introduce them.... Well, at least the ones that live in my house.  If I tried to introduce my entire family siblings and all this post would be waaaaay too long. 

The Hubs- My hubby is fabulous!  He and I were friends for many, many, many years before we ever thought about dating eachother.  I love that we really knew eachother before we started dating, because it took the whole awkwardness out of dating.  Anyway, the Hubs is kind, thoughtful, caring, considerate and at times a bit too logical.  Which is perfect, because I lack logic... I wish at times I had more, but it eludes me. 

Next comes Firecracker-  I couldn't love the Firecracker more if he was dipped in chocolate and filled with peanut butter.  Which if you know me you know that is true love right there!  Firecracker is 2 1/2..... need I say more?  He is sweet and loving, but can be so sneaky!  He runs from the moment he wakes up til the moment he goes to bed.  Let's just say I don't need a gym membership. =)

Finally, we have Sweet Pea- Sweet Pea is my heart.  She is 4 months old and I swear when I look at her I'm convinced that if there were one more ounce of love in my heart for her my heart would burst open!  She is a chunker to be sure, but hey when you're little rolls are cute right? =)

This is my family.  I love them with my whole heart.  God has blessed me infinitely and I wouldn't change it one bit.... Ok, maybe I'd put a "slow motion" button on Firecracker somedays ;).

Ms. T

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