Monday, June 3, 2013

A Lesson In Thankfulness

Lately Firecracker has been going through a "gimme gimme phase".  You know how it goes, "Mommy, I want a __________ like my friend has." or, "Mommy, look at that toy! I want one!"  It doesn't matter if he even knows what it does, what matters to him is that it looks cool, and he wants it!  No matter that he forgets about said toy's existence the next day and is on to asking for something else.

The Hubs and I have been working with him about being thankful for the things he has, not constantly asking and desiring more than he has.  It's an on going struggle for him (and us).  We explain to him that he has lots of things other people do not have.  A home, a bed, clean water, electricity etc.  He doesn't fully grasp this concept.  In his world everyone has these things.

Well, this weekend we got the opportunity to show him first hand what it's like to be without electricity.  Not purposely, but we had a power outage after the sun had gone down, but right before bed time.  These circumstances made it difficult to get ready for bed.  Firecracker couldn't understand why the lights wouldn't turn on.  He ran from room to room flicking light switches and calling, "Mommy! The lights aren't working in here either!"

This was a valuable chance to explain that a lot of people go without electricity every day.  Aren't we lucky to be able to have it?  Firecracker agreed we are lucky to be able to flip a switch and have lights and fans and air conditioning.  

Now, I know our battle with gaining contentment is far from over.  I mean come on, I'm a full grown adult and still struggle with desiring things I don't have.  But I hope our little lesson sets in and Firecracker gets a small hint of how lucky we are.

Hope you have a great day!
Ms. T 

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