Tuesday, October 23, 2012

*HOT Coupon Tip!!*

This week at CVS they have Hallmark cards on sale buy any 3 get 3 Extra Care Bucks (basically money to spend in the store whenever you want) back.  The .99 cent cards are also included in this sale.  Which after ECBs makes them FREE!  But to make this deal even more smokin' there is a manufacturer's coupon for 2.00 off of 3 Hallmark cards here!     This is the way the deal should go down (and did go for me) You pick up 3- .99 cards (get the more expensive ones if you want, but then your deal won't be as good).  Total 2.97 use 2.00 off coupon pay .97 (+tax) and get 3.00 ECBs back!!!!!  2.03 money maker!!!!!  YIPPEE!!!!!

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