Friday, December 12, 2014

Emergency Shoes

I know normal people don't have an "emergency shoe stash" in their vehicle.  I know I'm not normal, I came to terms with this a loooooonnnng time ago.  Allow me to tell you the story of how the emergency shoe stash came into existence.

Once upon a time (about a year ago), I had arrived at Firecracker's school with Sweet pea in tow.  We were there because I was volunteering that day.  When we got inside I realized Sweet pea didn't have any shoes!  We had left the house in a rush and Sweet pea was being kind of cranky so I just carried her to the car.  Thus the emergency shoe stash was born.

Our emergency shoes are really just cheap pairs of flip flops.  Not ideal foot wear, but at least the kids would have shoes if for some reason they didn't have any.

The other Wednesday night we were headed off to church and once again Sweet pea was being cranky so I just carried her to the car and loaded her in.  Off we went on our merry way, until we got to church and realized Sweet pea had no shoes!  I pulled out the flip flops, thankful I had something for her to put on her feet.  However, there were a few problems.

Sweet pea does not walk well in regular flip flops.  She shuffles along to keep them on her feet.  While this wouldn't be a huge problem for some church occasions, Wednesday nights are different.  Wednesday nights are fun nights at church for the kids.  They get to run around in the gym and play all sorts of games.  They also move from one building to the next for Bible time.

Now our emergency shoe stash includes a pair of tennis shoes for Sweet pea......

Have a great day!
Ms. T

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