Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holiday Hangover

About this time of year I suffer a major holiday hangover.  From mid October all the way through the end of the year we have some kind of holiday-ish activity planned.  It's always super fun.  There is something to look forward to around every bend.  Therefore, when the first of the year rolls around I'm wiped out, and a little sad.

I'm not sad because I had a bad Christmas, Birthday or New years or anything like that. Quite the opposite.  I LOVE the holidays.  When the first of November rolls around I'm chomping at the bit to put the Christmas decorations out.  (However, I've been trained from a young age the Christmas decor doesn't go up a day before Thanksgiving.)  I revel in the Christmas season.  I love the weather, the joy, the reason we celebrate, I love the music, the decorations, how sweet people are during this time of year etc. 

When it's time to box up the Christmas decorations I get a little sad.  It's like I'm saying good bye to a good friend.  A friend I won't be able to see again for 11 months.  And now you understand what a holiday hangover is  ;).

Have a great New Year!
Ms. T  

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