Monday, January 6, 2014


Life in my house right now is.... ummmm.... interesting.  The Hubs and my FIL are working in Firecracker's room building in a second closet for Sweet Pea.  Because of the construction we had to empty Firecracker's room.  All of his furniture has been moved into my dining room, which means the dining room is out of commission.

Also, Firecracker still needs to sleep somewhere so the Hubs pulled 3 twin mattresses from different places in the house and put them in the living room so that Firecracker, Sweet pea and he could sleep on them.  (Can't let Firecracker have "camp out" for a week and not let Sweet Pea).  So, not only is my dining room out of commission, my living room floor is completely covered in mattresses.  

I'm not complaining, because I'm excited about the new closet.  However, my house looks like a tornado has come through it.  So, none of you are invited to my house right now. =)

Have a Happy New Year!
Ms. T 

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