Friday, September 13, 2013


I know, you're thinking "what in the world is wogging?!"  It's a new breed.  See once upon a time (about 2 weeks ago) there were 4, fabulous, however out of shape women that decided it was high time to do something about their out of shapeness.  They decided to start a running regimen.  

While this sounded great at first, the fabulous four quickly realized that if they wanted to make it more than one city block that they would have to build up to running.  Thus, wogging was born.  The fabulous four decided to walk for a set amount of time and intersperse it with running.  It has been working very well, not to mention, the walking parts help the out of shape women time to catch their breath, and complain about how hard it was to run that last bit ;).  

P.s. Yes, I am one of the fabulous four ;)

Have a great weekend!
Ms. T 

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