Thursday, September 12, 2013

E-O Had A Farm

Sweet pea loves to sing.  She sings all the time.  I love it.  Lately she has been singing her own version of one of two things:  It's either Old McDonald Had a Farm or Happy Birthday.  They are so cute!  I'll share her version of the lyrics with you:

Old McDonald- "E-O had a farm. Duck!", repeat about a thousand times. ;)  Sometimes she'll ad a "moo- moo here, moo- moo there"


Happy Birthday- "Happy dirth day (fill in random family member's name here)."  repeat 60 times, each time switching out a different name.

It's really quite cute, although sometimes I'll tell her it's time for Mommy to turn on the radio.  Even when a sweet 2 year old is singing their own version of a song, 45 minutes it gets slightly old.  Sometimes a 15 minute break is all one needs.

Have a great day,
Ms. T

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