Friday, July 13, 2012

5 Question Friday

Good Morning, Friends!  I hope you had a great week and your weekend rocks!  We have a super busy schedule tomorrow, but it’s all fun stuff =). 

On with the 5 question Friday fun!  Once again thanks to Mama M. for letting me link up!

1. What's your view on men wearing sandals (yay or nay)?
     I’m all about a guy wearing flip flops.  Why should we chickadees get all the comfortable easy to slip on on the way out the door? 
    Regular sandals on guys are a big no no for me though.  I guess I’ve seen one too many guys wearing socks with their sandals.  And I don’t care what you think, guys, just because your socks are the same color as your sandals doesn’t mean you’re fooling anybody!! 

2. What song do you love but are embarrassed to admit?
     I don’t think I have a song that I’m embarrassed to say I love.  That kind of stuff doesn’t really embarrass me.  I have plenty of other stuff to get embarrassed about.  I have to save up all my embarrassment for the really embarrassing stuff.  Like when my best friend and I were running in the church and my foot slipped and I ended up on the ground, and because she was so close behind me I tripped her and she ended up on top of me in front of everyone in the building….  Let’s just say it wasn’t my proudest moment! Hahaha!

3. What summer camp should they make for moms? 
     A quiet, place where moms can come and read or sleep as long as they’d like.  That would be the BEST summer camp ever!!!  I would totally sign up for that one for sure!!

4. What is the most romantic song? (Not necessarily your favorite or your wedding song...)
     I would have to go with “I Will Always Love You”.  It’s a timeless classic.  Even though you’re not asking I’m going to give you a bonus answer ;).  I love love love, “Baby You Save Me” by Kenney Chesney.  That happens to be the Hub’s and I’s song.

5. Do you have an embarrassing pregnancy story?
     Why yes, yes I do have an embarrassing pregnancy story.  Thank you so much for asking!  I was only about 3 months pregnant and the Hub’s and I were at church (I don’t know why this stuff always happens at church?  Maybe I just really like having an audience?! Hahaha!), sitting in the balcony.  We got up to leave and the heel of my shoe caught on the step on the way down and I ended up falling right on my booty.  I am pretty sure I turned every shade of red in the book, and I might of invented a few more colors of it, you’rewelcome, Crayola!
Alrighty, that’s it for me!  Peace out!

I hope you all have a great weekend!
Ms. T

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