Friday, July 10, 2015


Sweet pea has a Dora lunch box that we got at a garage sale.  It has "Wallace" written all over it. When I say all over it, I mean all over it.  It is on each side, top, bottom and inside.  Apparently, the people that owned it before didn't want it getting lost.  I wouldn't have gotten it, but Sweet pea wanted it and it was only .25.

She was taking it with her to school this last school year and my friend, Ms. S, started calling Sweet pea "Wallace".  My SIL, Mrs. Pickles, said, "you better be careful, those are the kinds of nick names that stick with kids for the rest of their lives." 

I think it would be hilarious if when Sweet pea is 25 people are still calling her "Wallace".

And these are the people that I surround myself with.  I have to say I'm lucky!  I mean sure they're nutty, but what fun is life if you're serious all the time?  You gotta laugh!

Have a great day!
Ms. T

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