Friday, July 17, 2015

Human Pile

Firecracker and Tank, his cousin, are in the same grade at the same school.  They are great friends, but they can be a handful.  We tease that they are the "Playground Mafia". Anyway, playground mafia nickname aside, they are sweet boys.

Well, they had gotten in trouble one day on the playground for being rough with another boy.  The next day, they were brought into the office for encouraging other kids to slide down the slide and land on top of one another (of course they were in on the action, but how much fun is it with only 2?).

Their response when questioned was, "we didn't put our hands on anyone.  We were using kind words.  We were just making a human pile."

A human pile.... Interesting.  I'd never heard that one before.  The boys got off with a light talking to, because in their minds they were obeying the rules, they had just made up a new game.

And now there is a rule that there are to be no human piles on the playground.... Yep, every rule has a story behind it, and a reason it had to become a rule.

Have a great day!
Ms. T 

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