Monday, June 1, 2015


This conversation happened a long time ago, but I think you need to hear it anyway. Ms. L and I were talking and we had one of the most hilarious discussions I've had in a while.  I think you need to be privy to it.

Ms. L: "There is this girl that comes into my work sometimes that is super weird.  Like weird in a 'I-can't-have-a-normal-conversation-with-others' kind of weird."
Apparently this woman works one door down from Ms. L's office and she makes regular appearances.  Much to the chagrin of everyone in the office.

Me: "Okaaay?" - Sorry I need more detail before I go jumping in with both feet. 

Ms. L: "The other day the Hubs (hers not mine by the way) dropped off our chicken's so I could take them to the boy's school for show and tell.  They were sitting outside our office on the side walk in their pen for a short time while I finished up a few things.  The girl walked in and asked, ' are those your chickens?'.  Of course I said, 'yes, I'm getting ready to take them to my son's school.'  The girl replied, 'Don't you know you can't leave animals out in the sun?!  They'll DIE!'."

Me: "Hmmmm, I can't believe we've been doing it wrong all this time!  How have all my out door pets not keeled over?!"

Ms. L: "I KNOW!  I think she's a spy for an animal rights group or something, but she can't possibly be a spy, because spies are supposed to have some sort of cool factor, and she has zero cool factor."

Me: "If you think about it that makes her the best spy ever!  She is making you think she's not a spy when she's actually an amazing spy!"

Ms. L: "Oh my word!  You're so right!  But let's just say that she's a spy for like PETA doesn't PETA stand for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals?  Therefore insinuating that Ethics should be invloved?  And spies don't have any ethics.  I mean if they did they couldn't very well just kill people.  Oh we need a new group! I'm going to start one!  People for the Ethical Treatment of People!  I'm going to call it PETOP!"

Me: "That is so awesome!  Can I be like member number 2?!" Because obviously Ms. L is already member numero uno.

Ms. L: "Oh no you're like the Vice President of PETOP.  As a matter of fact you're the COO of PETOP."

And by this point I was rolling and had the best stomach work out I'd had in days or maybe weeks.  Ok, so now that you're all privy to one of our conversations you know just how truly insane we are!  Honestly, we have these kinds of conversations almost all the time.  It's amazing =).  Everyone should have a best friend that brings out the nutty in them.  But you can't have mine, because I call dibs ;).

Hope you all have a great day!

Ms. T

P.s. to make the story even funnier later another lady from the weird girl's office came into Ms. L's office and said, "so what about the chickens?"  And Ms. L's reply?  "Oh I was just trying to make me some fried chicken!" hahahaha!  I love her!

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  1. Um... you forgot she had super slo-mo ninja skills too. I am so making us t-shirts. Should they be PETOP or PETOOP (People for the Ethical Treatment Of Other People)? PETOOP sounds funnier.
    Oh yeah, and what about my homeless people? Or did we decide on using naked animals for our advertisements? Love ya!

  2. hahaha! I didn't add the ninja skills, becauses the post was already long! hahahaha! Hmmmm homeless people totally makes the point but naked animals is funnier ;)

  3. Ms. T, you want to be number 2, huh? Number 2 in an organization called PETOOP...hmmmm. Yeah how could that possibly go wrong?!?