Monday, June 23, 2014


Lately, Firecracker wants to watch the new, animated version of the Star Wars series.  It's not something I love, but the Hubs enjoys it so they watch it together.  On one of those shows Anakin Skywalker has to go undercover to try and thwart a Queen's plans.  Through the entire episode, Anakin calls her "Highness".  

Now, you know the back story.  Well, as most kids do, Firecracker has been running around wanting to play Star Wars.  He assigns each member of the family a character.  Recently, I have been dubbed "Highness".  

Anytime either of the kids want or need something they've been coming to me saying, "Highness, could I please ________".  Honestly, I've been enjoying it.  I mean how often in life does one consistently get referred to as royalty? (Aside from the royal families).  Therefore, as long as this phase lasts I'm amongst the elite!  At least at home I am amongst the elite... Don't pop my little bubble! =)

Have a great day!
Ms. T      

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