Monday, May 11, 2015

Jeepeers Creepers the Sequel

I told you about the original  Jeeper Creepers the other day.  Well, now here is the sequel.  It is actually the online version.  

The day the Hubs went on his job interview for his new job. (that he's actually starting today YAY! :)  He had taken the day off from his current job.  I posted on facebook asking people to pray for him.  As soon as the Hubs got home from his interview he got a phone call from his current boss.  His boss wanted to know why my facebook page said the Hubs was going on a job interview.  You can imagine that was an uncomfortable conversation.

Weird factor 15= I'm not friends with any of his work people on facebook.  And I specifically didn't tag him so that none of his work people would find out.  Yeah, it was a major creeper moment.  It just proves how vulnerable we all are even when we've got "privacy settings". 

Have a good day
Ms. T   

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