Monday, April 13, 2015

Sneaky Boy

Firecracker has always been pretty straight forward with us.  We trust him a good bit.  Well, he has been sneaky enough here lately to shake my faith in him.

I had bought Hello Kitty fruit snacks for Sweet pea and Ninja Turtles fruit snacks for Firecracker.  I always open up the fruit snack boxes and dump them into a hanging basket in the cabinet.  I hadn't realized it, but Firecracker has gotten tall enough to reach the basket.

2 days after I bought the fruit snacks I went to put a pack in Firecracker's lunch box and only found 1 Ninja Turtle fruit snack.  I thought that was odd, but I dismissed it 1. because I was tired, 2. because I thought maybe I hadn't dumped the whole box of fruit snacks into the basket.

The next day, I was in Firecracker's room.  I opened one of his drawers and found 8 yes, 8 empty Ninja Turtle fruit snack wrappers!!!  I was so upset!  

My faith in his honesty has been shaken.  

Have a great day!
Ms. T 

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