Monday, April 15, 2013

Slipping and Sliding

I had a first this weekend.  I played on a slip and slide!  Ok, so technically I bought the slip and slide for Firecracker (got it brand new in the box for 3.00 at a yard sale! =).  I had to make sure it was safe though *wink wink*.

Honestly, Firecracker is one of the biggest chickens I've ever seen. (He comes by it honestly, because I'm a big ol' chicken too).  So I knew I needed to test it out and be able to show him how to do it and that it's fun. 

I'd never done a slip and slide, because 1. we never had one when I was a kid.  2. even if we had had one I probably would have chickened out of it, because who wants to fall face first onto the ground?  Umm not me, that's who.  So like I said, Firecracker comes by his yellow belly honestly.

Well, I rolled that sucker out, hooked it up, gathered up all my chickenly courage I could muster.  I took a running start and splashed!  Oh my goodness!!!!  I had so much fun!  Of course then I let Firecracker come and watch me (no, I didn't let him watch me the first time, because if I had gotten hurt, or something had gone wrong he NEVER would have gone anywhere near it.  So the first run was a trial run, and he wasn't allowed to watch.  See, because we are both chicken livers I know how his little mind works and I do all I can to allay those fears before they even come into existence.  I want him to be braver than me.).  

As predicted, Firecracker was slightly nervous about the whole slip and slide thing, but by the end of the afternoon he was coming close to actually doing it right all by himself!  Most of the time we were pulling him down it.  He loved it!  He would giggle and giggle and then ask us to do it again. =).  I see many more slip and sliding afternoons in our future this summer =).

Have a great day!
Ms. T

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