Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Magic of Music

Sweet pea has always loved music.  Something about music soothes her.  It has always been that way for her.  She just loves it. If she doesn't know the words to a song she hums along with the melody.  If she's never heard the melody before she still tries to hum along.  

The other day we were driving home and she was in a full blown homework meltdown.  (Apparently the page didn't look EXACTLY the way the teacher's example page did and this necessitated a hysterical crying jag.)  I tried to calm Sweet pea down several ways and nothing was working.  Finally, I turned on the radio.  Soon she was singing along with the song and homework was completed.  Just thinking about it makes me stop in awe.  Seriously, what in the world?  I've never been one that is soothed by music, but it works for her.  

The thing is it's not a specific kind of music either.  No, just about any type of music will do.  (Well, I'm not a rap listener so I don't know if rap would have the same results)  But between the Hubs and I we listen to many different genres.  So far just about all of them have this same type of effect on her.  It's a wonder really.

Have a great day!
Ms. T

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