Monday, October 20, 2014

Old School Batman

My parents found the old school version of Batman (we're talking the one staring Adam West) on their cable the other week.  My Dad decided to record them, because he knew the boys would love it.  Boy oh boy was he right!  As soon as we get to Gram and Papa's house Firecracker wants to watch Batman.

I have no qualms about letting him watch this version of Batman, because it's so tame.  Sure there are villians and fighting, but it's not violent, if that makes sense.  

Anyway, the other day we were at my parent's house and Firecracker was watching Batman.  I was catching snippets of the show and one made me laugh.  It still makes me laugh.  There was a scene where Cat woman had captured Robin and was about to feed Robin to her pet tigers.  She had just finished her monologue about her evil plan and Robin looked at her and said, "Cat woman, you're not a nice person!"  Oh my goodness, how that made me laugh!!  

Just take a moment to think about that.  In 50ish years of television our insults have gone from "you're not a nice person" to every curse word in the book.  It's sad.  Anyway, I gotta say I'm enjoying Batman too, but not as much as Firecracker.

Have a great day!
Ms. T 

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