Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beach Boys

Awhile ago I was craving some Beach Boys music.  My Daddy loves the Beach Boys and so I grew up listening to them.  Well, I listened to the oldies station for days and never heard them. I was so disappointed.  I finally decided to buy one of their c.d.s.

Since then the kids and I listen to the c.d. about once a week or so. Lately, it has been MUCH more often.  Firecracker loves the song, "Let's Go Surfing Now" and "409".  Sweet pea too will ask for songs, but they differ depending on the day.

Listening to the kids sing their own versions of these songs cracks me up.  The other day, Sweet pea was singing "409" and her lyrics went something like this: 
"giddy up, giddy up four oh line. Don't touch my four oh line...."

Firecracker is better he gets most of the lyrics right but the other day I had to correct him and tell him it was "409" not four oh time.

Haha!  I Love my silly kiddos.

Have a good day!
Ms. T 

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