Monday, February 10, 2014

Picnic Adventure

When I make a promise to my kiddos I try my absolute hardest to keep it.  If for some reason I can't keep it, I apologize to them and ask their forgiveness.  That being said, have you ever made a promise to your kids that you wished you had never promised?  

A few weeks ago Firecracker had a day off from school.  In the afternoon we went to the park and I promised the kids we could have a picnic.  By the time we were done with our adventure walk and playing on the playground the sun was setting.  

We set out for home explaining that we couldn't eat at the park in the dark.  I told the kids that if the sun was still up when we got home we could have a picnic in the back yard, or if the sun was down we could have a picnic inside on the living room floor.  (Attempting to keep my promise as best I could).

Wouldn't ya know that when we got home the sun was still peeking above the horizon.  So I hurried inside and threw some food together, put a blanket on the grass outside and we had our "picnic".  At least the kids and I did.  The Hubs decided he'd like to eat inside where the lights were on.  

By the time I was done with my food (5 min.s later, because the sun was going down FAST), the sun was gone.  Firecracker, Sweet pea and I were sitting in the back yard with nothing but the lights from the dining room window keeping us from being totally in the dark.  

I was attempting to get Firecracker and Sweet pea to hurry their eating along, when Firecracker looked up and said, "oh look, Mommy! Birdies!"  I looked and there were bats!  I scooped up the stuff and said, "Ok, kids our picnic was fun, but it's time to go inside now."

And with that our "picnic adventure" came to a close.  I really need to think about my promises before I make them!

Have a great day!
Ms. T 

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