Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 34

 A couple of weeks ago, I told you all about the sweets fast/ sugar fast that I'm doing.  I've done pretty well with it.  I'm on day 34 today. I will admit that I cheated a little bit a few days ago.  We were at a friend's house and they made desert for us.  I couldn't be rude ;).  In my defense I only ate about one tablespoon.  

Anyway, They say that the longer you go without sweets the easier it is....  Yeah, they're still a bunch of lying liars from liarsville.  I still crave sweets. Constantly!  Only 6 more days to go.  To be honest I really wanted to cave in last night, but there is this part of me that's like, "you made it this far. Don't screw it up now, idiot!"  And that little voice is the only thing that kept me from diving head long into a tub of M&M's.

Have a great day!
Ms. T 

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