Thursday, May 2, 2013

Magic Words

*Back story- Recently, Firecracker has really been into Frosty the Snowman.  Yes, I know that it's May.  Yes, I know it's not the season for "snow man" movies.  But hey, who cares right?  Not me!

Ok, so since Firecracker has been watching Frosty the Snowman lately,  he thinks it's funny to try to do "magic tricks" with his hat.  You know, trying to pull things out of his hat etc.  In order to do this he has to PUT things into his hat (and it's usually a baseball cap) and then he wears it and of course it makes a bulge in the top of the hat.  Really it's all too cute.  Oh goodness I've gone off on a rabbit trail..... Sorry!

 Alright, point of the story... We were driving home from church last night and Firecracker was pretending to do magic tricks.  He said, "Mommy, you have to say the magic words."  I said, "abrakadabra!" (after all that is what the magician on Frosty says.  And pretty much every other magician).  Firecracker responded with a look that basically said, "you're so silly!"  And he said, "no, Mommy, those aren't the MAGIC words!  Say the MAGIC words!"
Taking my cue, I said, "please".  And voila!  A little car appeared out of Firecracker's hat =).

 The little things are truly what make this Mama smile the biggest!

Have a great day!
Ms. T     

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