Monday, September 10, 2012

Life Would Be Better With More Jorins In the World

The Hubs is a creature of habit.  He likes all of his shirts in our closet to hang facing to the left.  All of his pant's tags should also face left.  And shirts are color coded.  These are strange to some, but endearing to others (namely me ;).  Anyway, once a month he goes to get his hair cut.  Like clock work.  I literally set our schedule around it.  And his hair cut evening always lands on either a Tuesday or Thursday.  

I know you're thinking, "why don't you just tell us what day he goes?"  Well, it's because I'm paranoid.  It's the same reason I do not use anyone's real name on here, or disclose exactly which part of the country I live in.  I'm afraid of having a psycho killer find me, stalk me, kill me and take my babies.  I know it's ridiculous.  I've been told so by the Hubs, my therapist, my Mama, Daddy and my closest of friends.  Does that deter my paranoidness?  NOPE!  Not one iota.  

Wow, I really hopped off on a bunny trail, didn't I?  As one of my close friends will tell you, I am the queen of the bunny trail.  As a matter of fact if you're ever off on a bunny trail and the gate keeper says, "halt!  Who gave you permission to come this way?  Don't you know there is a perfectly good conversation going on?"  You just tell them, "Queen Ms. T gave me permission to come down this way thankyouverymuch! "

Oh my goodness I've done it again.  Sorry.  I'm back on track now, I promise!  Ok so Tuesdays and Thursdays in my neck of the woods happens to be half price happy meals at McDonalds.  So when the Hubs goes for his hair cut I usually take the kiddos, get a cheap dinner that comes with a toy SCORE!  And then let them play on the play place before going home, taking a bath and getting in bed.  I know I'm an awesome Mom.  =)

Anyway, the point of this story is that this last week the Hub's hair cut appointment came around so we made our monthly trek to Mickey D's.  And on the play place there was another little boy named Jorin.  (No I don't feel bad using his name, because I don't even know if he's from around here, or his last name.  Plus I don't ever expect to see him again.)  As any Mama knows another kid on the playground is a blessing, because they almost always make fast friends and are entertained far longer than if they are by themselves.  Oh let me qualify that.  Another -GOOD- kid on the playground is a blessing.

Jorin was such a sweet little boy.  He was probably 7, but didn't have any problem including Firecracker in his games.  And when other older kids came into the playground, Jorin didn't abandon Firecracker to play with the "cooler" kids.  Instead Jorin just invited the older kids to play in their game.  And the older kids did!  They just wanted to be included too.  

Life would be so much nicer if there were more Jorins in the world.  Both young and old.  And that my friends is the point of this long, rambling post.

Hope you all have a great day!
Ms. T 

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