Thursday, September 8, 2016

Least Observant Person Ever- Kid Version

 If you have read this blog for a decent amount of time you may remember that I am the least observant person ever.  I never thought of this as being a trait that would be passed down to my children.  Unfortunately, it seems Sweet pea is already showing signs of becoming the second least observant person ever.

A few weeks ago we were going to my parent's house to swim.  I remembered that the kids had blow up pool rafts that were still in their boxes.  I figured the kids would love to have them at the pool so I blew them up (yes, I did this before we went, because we have an air compressor and I'd much rather let that sucker blow them up than me have to do it.) and the kids took them to the van for me.  

When I got to the van I noticed Sweet pea had put her raft directly in front of her seat allowing herself no leg room.  I picked up the raft and proceeded to put it in the back of the van.  After about 10 minutes of driving down the road Sweet pea started freaking out.  "Mommy, I don't know where my raft is!"  Mind you she was sitting in her car seat when I took it out and put it in the back of the van.  SHE WATCHED ME DO IT!

After I explained that yes, we did have it with us she calmed down.  However, now I worry about her unobservantness (pretty sure that's not a real word anywhere but in my head).  I sincerely hope she doesn't end up being unobservant for the rest of her life.

Have a great day!
Ms. T

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