Tuesday, September 13, 2016


When I was about 20 I started a tradition of going to Disney World every year on Labor Day.  I love Disney, always have and most likely always will.  After the Hubs and I got married we continued the tradition.... Until we had kids.  You'd think, "Kids love Disney why wouldn't you take them?"  Ummm because it's EXPENSIVE!  We took Firecracker with us the first two years, however, once he turned three we decided we'd wait a year before we went again.  The last time we went into the park was when Firecracker was four and Sweet pea was 2.  Therefore, this trip was a BIG DEAL!  

We had a grand time riding the rides and experiencing all things Disney.  I don't really know if Firecracker remembered his last trip to Disney, but he will definitely remember this one!  Hopefully, we will be able to go again in a couple of years when Sweet pea will have a better chance at remembering the trip.

Here are a couple pics one from 3 years ago and one from this year.  


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Ms. T 

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