Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Last year, 2015, I wrote about the kids in my classroom participating in a State Convention.  There are all kinds of events from Scrap-booking and Science projects to Basketball and Shot put.  This week was Convention for 2016. 

Once again, several of the students from my class participated.  There were many memorable moments in the week.  Such as one of the boys, G, did a tuck and roll during a basketball game because he had tripped when trying to get the ball when the other team lost control of the ball.  Once he came out of the roll, he jumped up, grabbed the ball, dribbled to the hoop and finished the fast break with a lay-up that went in! 

Another memory would have to be while our team was in an academic quizzing session they had a question none of them knew the answer to so they answered by singing (yes, singing), “Taco Bell.”  

One that was not humorous, but still memorable and sweet was when one of our girls, L, helped out a fellow competitor with her costume for her performance.  L just happen to notice the girl needed help, made some suggestions and helped her accomplish them. 

Anyway, I was so proud of our kids.  They were so good!  They behaved well, and performed even better.  Not one of the kids came away from the awards ceremony without having placed in one event or another.  I couldn’t have been prouder of my sweet students!  I love them all!  And here are a few pictures of my kids with their awards:

 It took a few minutes to get them calm enough to look at the camera...

The girls only took one take.  See how beautiful they are?  And then there are the boys...

 After awhile we finally got a keeper!

Have a great day!
Ms. T

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