Thursday, April 7, 2016

An Enthusiastic Audience Member

If there was any doubt at all whether or not I am abnormal this last week at Convention proved I am with a resounding, “YES.”  While I was watching the kids participate in different events, apparently I surprised a lot of people.  

 Now, I feel the need to explain that I am an enthusiastic audience member/ fan/ sponsor.  When one of the kids would finish their performance I would cheer super loud and clap for them.  I received quite a few looks from people.  Apparently, their idea for encouraging those who have just performed was to do the “golf clap.”  You know, clap super quietly while sitting with nearly no expression on their face.   

Well, I have news for those other people.  My kids know I’m proud of them and know I think they did soooo well, and everyone around me knows it too.  Everyone in the room knows that my kids have at least one person that loves them and supports them.  I’m not trying to say if you don’t cheer like I do that you don’t cheer right.  You have every right to cheer the way you want to.  All I ask is to be tolerated while I cheer how I want to.  And you know what?  Whether or not you like it doesn’t bother me.  Sorry.  Though, I may apologize afterward if I ended up injuring your ear drum with my loudness. =) 

Have a great day!
Ms. T

P.S. if you have ever heard my Mother cheer for anyone for anything, you would know where I get my exuberance from. =)

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  1. Tracy, i had to comment you talking about cheering at the reminds me of your mama..i miss her songs and cheers :) tell her i said hello..your just following in her footsteps, thats definately AWESOME! keep posting,i luv reading it! xo Trisha

  2. Thanks, Trisha! I agree that following in my Mama's footsteps is definitely an awesome way to go ;). Thanks for reading!