Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Green Bean Solution

The other day our whole family was having a dinner to celebrate my Daddy's birthday.  My Daddy didn't want a cake.  He decided he would rather have Dairy Queen.

You know the deal with kids knowing dessert is waiting for them they don't want to eat their meal, therefore, the parents have to say, "you have to eat this much _____ (fill in the blank) in order to get dessert."  This situation is no different in our family.

Firecracker came to me asking if he could be done with his meal.  I asked him how much he ate.  He replied that he had eaten everything but his green beans (which happen to be one of his mortal enemies.  And the only reason I made him have any was because there were no other vegetables on the table.).  I told him he had to eat 3 green beans in order to get dessert.

Fast forward about 5 minutes.  Firecracker comes to me again and tells me he has taken 1 green bean and cut it up, therefore making 3 green beans which he then proceeded to eat. Then asked if that was good enough. (Now, mind you I had to control myself A LOT in order to keep from laughing in his face, because come on that's pretty awesome problem solving isn't it?!)  I told him that it was a good try, but he still had to eat his other 2 green beans.

And the moral to this story is: You must be very specific when telling my kid what he has to finish on his dinner plate in order to get dessert.

Have a great day!
Ms. T 

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