Friday, July 24, 2015

Spider Bite

About a month ago, I was bitten by a spider.  It hurt, but it was fine after a day or two.  Consequently, I had this conversation with the Hubs:

Me: I'm kinda disappointed that I don't have super hero powers since I got my spider bite.
Hubs: *just looks at me*
Me: *doing Spiderman hand gestures and making swishing noises* You know, I can't swing from buildings or anything.  I guess it wouldn't do a lot of good around here anyway, because we don't have any tall buildings.
Hubs: You could always go into the city.  They have taller buildings there.
Me: True.  I'd have to spider web the kids to my back, because I can't leave them unattended.
Hubs: Or you could spider web them to a chair. (He was kidding of course)
Me: Nah, the kids would have fun swinging around with me.

And the fact that the Hubs indulged me enough to have this conversation is another one of the reasons I love him.

Have a great day!
Ms. T 

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