Monday, September 22, 2014


For some time the Hubs and I have been trying to teach our kiddos to be thankful and content with what they have.  This is an extremely hard lesson to teach and learn, because if you think about it have any of us really learned to be completely content? 

The other day, Firecracker had been complaining and whining because he didn't have toys that other kids had.  This made the second or third day in a row that he had shown this kind of attitude.  So I decided I would show him some pictures online of kids in Africa that have nothing.  

Firecracker sat with me and I showed him pictures of boys and girls that had to drink filthy water.  Some that had the bare minimum of clothing, etc.  One of the sites had a collage of pictures.  While we were perusing it we stumbled across one little African boy that was holding a play bow and arrow set.

What was Firecracker's reaction? You ask.  Well, it went something like this, "Mommy, why does that boy have a bow and arrow?  I don't have a bow and arrow."

The Hubs was sitting behind Firecracker and when I looked at him he was barely able to keep from laughing out loud.  It took me a moment to compose myself, but then I replied with, "that is the ONLY toy that little boy has.  Would you like me to take away all of your other toys and get you just one bow and arrow?"  Of course Firecracker didn't want that.

GAH!!  What am I going to do with these munches?  Lord, give me strength and wisdom for this crazy business called parenting!

Have a great day!
Ms. T 

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