Tuesday, February 2, 2016

You Might Be a Parent If...

You might be a parent if:

* You have ever taken the entire contents of your house with you in a diaper bag.

* You have ever voluntarily carried another human's waste around with you.

* You have ever thrown an entire baby outfit away, because the poop explosion was so bad.

* You open your mouth and your Mother (or Father)'s words come out.

* You see a child in the store kicking and screaming and instead of judging the parent you say in a very quiet voice in your child's ear, "you had better NEVER act that way".

* You realize that most of the things you did when you were younger are things you would punish your child if they did.   

* It is socially acceptable for you to look down another person's pants in public. (checking for poo)  

* Hearing someone say "I love you" never fails to turn you into a pile of mush.

*You have ever nearly electrocuted yourself by sticking a metal object behind one of the socket covers trying to get that buger out (those things are RIDICULOUS!  Can I get an Amen?!)

* You have ever been going through your purse and found a pair of kid's underwear in there and not been surprised at all.

* You have ever been going through your purse and not been shocked to find a car/ barbie/ army guy floating around in there with your wallet.

* You have ever stepped on a lego.

* You have ever made up your own version of cuss words.  Ex. "Oh, Punch a Duck!" or "You ID-10 (ten)- T!"

* You have ever tried to explain what sarcasm is to a 6 year old that just heard you say, "oh, you're just a real treat aren't you?!" about another driver.

*You know what 'hanitizer' is.

* Every time you see an airplane you point it out.

* You hear screaming come from another room and you don't automatically going running towards it.  Instead you yell something like, "stop fighting!"

Have a great day!
Ms. T

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