Thursday, February 4, 2016

Night Time Invaders

I have started a bad practice.  When the kids come in my room at night because they're scared or really for whatever reason, I just let them get in bed with me for "a few minutes".  Sometimes I stay awake long enough to pray with them and then send them back to their room.  Other times I drift back off into wondrously peaceful sleep.  Well, the munchkins have gotten really bad about wanting to come into my room in the middle of the night now. (I realize this is my own fault.  Note the beginning of the paragraph.)

Last night, as they were off to bed I told them they were to stay in their own rooms.  Well, wanna guess what happened about 4:30 am?  Yeppers, a sweet little blond haired, blue eyed girl got into my bed.  This time she didn't even wake me up!  I discovered her when I went to roll over.  Apparently, she hadn't been there long though.  When I noticed her I told her she needed to go back to her bed.  She got all sad and said, "but, Mommy, I want to cuddle you." (these are words I love to hear, but not at 4:30 am.)  I reminded her that before they went to bed they were told to stay in their rooms.  She repeated her statement.  To be honest, I nearly caved.  However, I stuck to my guns and made her go back to her room.  Score 1 for Mommy!  Unfortunately, it still took me about an hour to go back to sleep.  Which really sucked for two reasons.  1. I had a lot of trouble actually getting to sleep and didn't drift off til sometime after 12:30.  2.  Then of course not being able to go back to sleep for an hour (putting the time at 5:30) and I had to get up at 6!  I know, sucko right?

We shall see how long my victory lasts.  And to be honest after awhile, I probably will allow them to get back in bed with me for "a few minutes" again after their nightly appearances have backed off. (I know I'm a terrible mother to allow such things- please note the sarcasm.  This is obviously not the worst thing in the world.) I don't mind a time or two, but every night is getting exhausting.

Have a good day, my friends, and pray for me that I will be able to get through the day without falling asleep on my students! 

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