Monday, February 16, 2015


I work at Firecracker's school 2 days a week most weeks.  Sometimes I work more than that if they need me.  Anyway, I usually work more with the high school kids.  They are a loveable, nutty bunch I tell you!  I kid around with most of them (there are a few that just don't get my sense of humor, but I love them just the same).  

I have started nicknaming them.  One student's name changes daily.  We tend to go with themes.  One time around we worked our way through all the male characters in Beauty and the Beast.  We've done Alvin and the Chipmunks and now we are currently on the Flinstones. 

Another student I've named "Montoya".  This name stems from Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride.  This is not even close to his first name, but one day someone said his name and it kinda sounded a little tiny bit like Montoya to me.  I started cracking up and from then on he has been Montoya.  The best part?  He has never seen the movie!  

One girl I've nicknamed "Tink".  It kinda came about in an odd way.  Some of the kids were transforming her name into Annabell (also not her real name) so then I piped up with "Ohh what about Tinkerbell?!" and that's it.

Another girl, I've named "Jazzy McJazerson". Cuz she's Jazzy!

And finally, there is one boy that I have named "McRosserface".  All these names come out of the big bag of weirdness that I call my brain.  All the sudden, a nickname will hit me and it sticks with me.  
 Honestly, I do not torture these kids with these names.  I've told them if they don't like it I'll go back to calling them by the name their parents gave them.  However, they all say they like it.  "Montoya" even brags about it to his friends.  He has taken to shouting to me from across the parking lot so that I'll greet him as "Montoya" in front of his friends :).  

Have a great day!
Ms. T     

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